When your email is not responsive

Your organization spends a lot of time sending emails, because it’s a key channel to your audience.

But hang on – are your emails responsive?

If you’re not familiar with the term “responsive”, it means that your email is designed to display effectively on whatever size screen someone is using to read it, from desktop to tablet to phone.

The problem is that marketers are usually working on a big screen when they write their emails, and sometimes they create messages that look fine there, but don’t work on small screens.

Non responsive email

Many non profits are still not aware of this issue. I get lots of emails every day that are not responsive.

When an email is not responsive, you can tell right away because the text is too small to read on mobile. If you find yourself pinching and zooming in on an email, it’s not responsive. You then have to “slalom” back and forth to read the content, as it is now larger than the viewport. This is not a great reading experience, and many readers may choose to bail out.

Here’s a video that compares two emails properly formatted for mobile to one that is not.

The good news: this is easy to fix. Simply ask a designer for some help with your templates.  Most email platforms now make it easy to design for all screen sizes.

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