Ready for your closeup?


Email, little old ordinary email, has gone the distance.  It is the single most used application on earth, and it is the most popular activity on mobile.  Email is far and away your most valuable digital channel.  You have complete and total control over how and when you interact with your audience with email, and you reap rich data on how customers interact with your messages.

“I am the way and the truth and the light.”
-Your email channel

And yet it’s still early days for good email design.  If you’ve ever gotten an email on mobile that was too small to read (still happens all day every day) you know what it looks like when a message fails to reach its target.  All that work put into crafting the content – and no one can read it.  While some of your customers might follow up at home on the large screen, many won’t.

This site highlights best practices for anyone who wants to create better emails.

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